“Harbour View” - Famous for its beaches and its art scene, St Ives has a problem with aggressive food stealing sea gulls. This young Herring Gull patrols the harbour looking to steal an ice cream or pasty from an unsuspecting holiday maker. - May 2017, St Ives Harbour, Cornwall, England

"Profile of a thief" - Herring Gull -  February 2018, Sennen Cove, Cornwall, England 

“First steps” - This Greylag Gosling was out exploring and foraging with its brothers and sisters in the Arundel WWT centre under the close supervision of its attentive parents. This one managed to sneak away for a few seconds before being rounded back up and returned to the gaggle. - April 2017, Arundel, West Sussex, England

“Wave Goodbye” - This Little Egret was foraging through the rock pools at low tide to try and catch small fish, periodically having to take flight to avoid an expectantly large wave. Shot from the cliff top, the Egret was completely oblivious to anyone watching it and continued foraging for some time.  - May 2017, Pentire Point, Cornwall, England

“Small bird, big heart” - The camera catches this Reed Warbler just as it is about to take flight. This small bird makes the journey to UK from its winter home in Africa and makes it home in reed beds. - June 2018, Worcestershire, England

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