This portfolio showcases some of my favourite images taken from the galleries and projects found elsewhere on this website.

“The Guardian” - The walk from the boats to the centre of Inner Farne, takes visitors through the Artic Tern colony. These small birds fearlessly and ferociously defend their chicks and nests from passing pedestrians. The unsuspecting and those without suitable headwear can find themselves with some painful mementos of their visit.   - June 2017, The Farne Islands, Northumberland, England

“Queen of the night” - The fearsome teeth of Africa’s top predator clearly on show, caught in a spotlight as darkness fell. This lioness was yawning after a day of lying under the African sun, preparing for a night of action. - May 2018, Timbavati, Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa

“Bounty Hunter” - This Puffin settled on a rock and sat for some time with a beak full of Sand Eels after a successful fishing trip. Male Puffins trying to attract a mate do this to show their prowess as successful providers. Either that or it was taking a rest before running the gauntlet of gulls on the way back to its burrow! - 

"Out in the rain" - This Little Owl looked thoroughly unimpressed by the British weather, The size of its eyes in proportion to its head really stood out for me in this picture. I turned the image monochrome apart from the eyes and the beak to increase the impact. This photo started on of my projects on eyes of predators. - Feb 2018, New Forest, Hampshire, England

"Profile of a thief" - February 2018, Sennen Cove, Cornwall, England 

"Out of Place"  Ring-necked parakeet (Psittacula kramer) - March 2018,  Richmond Park, Greater London. England

"The Mighty Return" - White Tailed Eagle over the Isle of Mull - June 2017, Isle of Mull, Scotland

"Catch of the day" - Osprey are spectacular seasonal visitors to the Highlands of Scotland. This Osprey plunged into the water with a sudden and very surprising crash, spent what seemed like ages, but was probably only a few seconds, battling to cling onto the fish and to break free from the water. Then finally, slowly clawed its way back into the air with its prize. - June 2017, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

"First Steps" - This Greylag Gosling was out exploring and foraging with its brothers and sisters in the Arundel WWT centre under the close supervision of its attentive parents. This one managed to sneak away for a few seconds before being rounded back up and returned to the gaggle. - April 2017, Arundel, West Sussex, England

“Holding On” - The darkness hides a lioness who is not in the best of health. Separated from the protection of the pride and with sole responsibility for her own and the rest of the pride’s young, this lioness looked thin and anxious. Without her protection, the cubs would be easy victims for a jealous hyena looking to eliminate future rivals. - May 2018, Timbavati, Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa

“Highway Hunter” - This male kestrel takes a rest on a perch next to a field in the Worcestershire countryside. A common sight hovering above motorway verges scanning for small mammals coming out into the open, they are one of the most attractive British birds of prey. - June 2018, Worcestershire, England

“The Little Watchman” - Little Owls grow to a maximum height of just 22cm and weigh around 180g, and yet they are able to take mice, rats, shrews and even rabbits. These small but powerful animals can live for 16 years but the average life expectancy is thought to be just 3 years as a result of many not surviving severe winters or are killed on the road at night. - June 2018, Worcestershire, England

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